Previous Photo Competition Winners


The response to our 2017 Photo Competition was fantastic, with over 370 entries received - and each one of them commendable for the thought and effort  that had been put in to them.  Unfortunately there were only 3 prize-winners for each of the two categories, giving the judges a very hard time determining who would be the lucky 6!

Once again we'd like to offer our sincere thanks for those that took part - you did great justice to the selection of birds at S.O.S. - and to those who weren't prize-winners, we hope you will be encouraged ti participate in this years competition.


Our 2016 photo competition drew over 100 entries - a fantastic response and one which made it extra difficult for the judges and those who voted via our Facebook page, because of the very high quality of work submitted. We will publish many examples of the contestants pictures here on our website over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, very many thanks to those who took part! We're just sorry you can't all be winners - which you deserve to be.

Adult Category

Junior Category