Volunteering at S.O.S.


As a small organisation, we always need the help of volunteers, so perhaps you’d consider signing up to help us if you have any free time?

Volunteering is a vocation ideally suited to those with a love of nature and birds of prey in particular. It offers the opportunity to work closely with a variety of species from around the world as you come to understand and appreciate their characters and on occasion, have the opportunity to fly one of our resident birds during exercise sessions.

Our volunteers are indispensable, helping us with

• aviary cleaning & general maintenance

• feed rounds for the birds

• gardening & groundwork

• painting and light construction

If you would like to volunteer with us you’ll be joining a friendly, enthusiastic team of like-minded individuals in what can prove to be an engaging and rewarding experience - indeed, many of our volunteers stay with us for many years, and some have even gone on to join us for a career in falconry.

Ideally we’d ask of your time on a regular day of the week so that we can plan our rota effectively. So, if you’re aged 16 and over and you’d like to know more, please fill in the form below to tell us a bit more about yourself and then we can fix an appointment as appropriate. We look forward to hearing from you :-)

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