New rehabilitation aviaries in demand

Our Raptor Hospital has been very busy over the last few months as the intake of cases has increased, so much so we have had to build two more rehabilitation aviaries to house the number of injured wild birds we have nursed back to health. These rehabilitation aviaries are designed to give their temporary tenants a quiet and safe place to recuperate as the last leg of recovery before being released back to the wild.

Our team have been working hard to get the aviaries completed as quickly as possible - Steve and Doug here are but a few of the brilliant volunteers that have helped with the new building work over the past few weeks. 

Our brilliant volunteers play a big part in helpingto build the new aviaries quickly - thanks, guys!


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal supporters Eastern Concrete, who once again have come up trumps by donating the materials for the base of the aviaries.

Although we are busy with the increased number of visitors during the summer holidays (we hesitate to say 'weather permitting' due to the very wet weather we, like the rest of the country, have endured of late) we still have to keep on top of all the little jobs and couldn't resist showing you this image of Dean repairing the roof in our mews room - a small but vital job - and it keeps him out of mischief!