Birds on Film

Volunteer Mary and Falconer Dean ‘act naturally’ for the camera

Volunteer Mary and Falconer Dean ‘act naturally’ for the camera

A central element of the S.O.S. “See Hear” project will be the creation of a DVD explaining the work of the sanctuary, its conservation projects and introducing many of the resident bird species.

This resource will be used both as an educational tool by the Sanctuary and offered as a valuable support resource for classroom learning in schools. The script of the DVD will also be subtitled to warrant it useful to those working with or teaching the deaf.

To this end, the sanctuary has been the subject of filming by Stu McOmie, a local cinematographer for the last few months. Stu has worked closely with the falconers to gain the access to the owls and other birds of prey necessary to complete his film and has immersed himself in every element of the Sanctuary’s work routine to produce some intimate footage of “behind the scenes” procedures.

All areas of the sanctuary’s work have been captured on film for posterity from the excitement of the audience during a flying display to the earnest concentration of a novice participant in a falconry course, from the reflections of a young and enthusiastic volunteer to the endeavours of the highly experienced handlers of the Wild Owl Nest Box Project.

The completion of the film will not only produce a valuable educational tool, but also a rich archive of the sanctuary’s development for the benefit of future generations.

Fundraising continues apace to enable Stu to complete his work within the next few months.