Lucky little fledglings

We have recently taken several calls from concerned members of the public who have seen owls on the ground, looking confused or injured.

Roger and Kevin, the volunteers who curate our wild owl nest box scheme, have suggested that barn owls especially have fledged later than usual this year. Consequently, we think that perhaps a spate of windy autumnal weather has then resulted in these young birds being blown to the ground a bit earlier than typically predicted. In most cases, if these birds are fully feathered and able to fly, we stress that they are left alone.

However, there are circumstances where intervention is necessary.

This particular barn owl was found in a similar situation, but with the concern that it had also been clipped by a passing car. Upon close inspection, this extremely lucky owl only had a broken wing feather! It is otherwise in great condition and we are monitoring it closely for any other signs of injury.

xx_10 Lucky Owls FB Insta 1.jpg

Continuing the run of good luck, this tawny owl also came to us on the same day, having suffered an RTA. Having been hit on the right wing, luckily, there were no long lasting injuries, and it is currently being monitored whilst returning to full health.

xx_10 Lucky Owls FB Insta 2.jpg